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Bank Reconciliation

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Bank Account Reconciliation

Following steps needs to be performed to reconcile a bank account.

  • Go to Cash and bank management module, click Common > Bank accounts.
  • Select bank account to reconcile.
  • Click the Account reconciliation button on the Action Pane
  • In the Bank statement date field, enter the date from the bank account statement.
  • In the Bank statement field, enter the number of the bank account statement.
  • In the Ending Balance field, enter the total ending balance on the bank account statement.

Perform following steps to review transactions.

  • Click the Transactions
  • Select the transactions to include in the reconciliation by selecting the Cleared check box.

There may be few transactions that appear on bank statement but have not been recorded in the system. Perform following steps to create such transactions.

  • Click New
  • Select the correct transaction type in the Bank Transaction Type
  • Enter the date of the transaction in the Date
  • In the Amount in transaction currency field, enter the transaction amount in the specified currency.
  • In the Main Account field, indicate which ledger account the system should offset when you create the new transactions during reconciliation. The corrections post when you update the reconciliation.
  • In the Description field, enter information that describes the transaction.
  • On the Financial dimensions tab, enter any required dimensions for the transaction.

After you have reconciled the transactions, click the Reconcile account button (it enables only when Un-reconciled box shows 0.00) to perform the reconciliation of the Bank Account.

To print the reconciliation report:

1- Click Print > Reconciliation summary: This is to print a bank reconciliation report. In the Bank reconciliation form, select the fields to include in the report.

2- Click the Print > Bank reconciliation to print a report that takes non-reconciled transactions into account and shows transactions after the reconciliation date



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Dynamics AX – Post Dated Checks

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Post Dated Checks – Setup & Steps

Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Here we are going to have a look on how to Setup postdated checks (PDC) in MS Dynamics AX 2012 and what would be the Steps that needs to be followed by end user for posting them.


First we need to enable it from Cash and bank management module

  • Go to Cash and Bank management
  • Go to Setup > Cash and bank management parameters
  • Select Postdated checks
  • Check on Enable postdated checks, once this check is enable postdated checks to vendor and from customers can be tracked.
  • If user would like to post financial transaction of postdated checks to clearing accounts then enable “Post journal entries for postdated checks”. Rest of the fields gets enabled with this one.
  • Mention account number in Clearing account for issued checks (for checks issued to vendor) and Clearing account for received checks (for checks received from customers).
  • Select journal in General Journal for clearing entries which would be used to settle postdated checks transactions. (To set it up Go to GL > Setup > Journals > Journal names)
  • Select vendor payment journal to transfer postdated checks transactions in Transfer postdated checks to this vendor payment journal
  • To post withholding tax on vendor payments, select a clearing account in Withholding tax clearing account


Secondly we have to create PDC Payment methods in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable for vendor and customer payments respectively.

Accounts Payable

  • Go to Accounts Payable
  • Go to Setup > Payment > Methods of payment
  • Create New method for PDC, enter values in required fields as desired.
  • In General > Posting select Bank in Account type
  • Enable Bridging posting and then enable Postdated check clearing posting
  • Bridging account should automatically pick the account from Clearing account for issued checks from Bank and management setup.
  • In Payment control please confirm that Offset account has the type bank is not enabled.


Accounts Receivable

Steps remain same in Accounts Receivable PDC payment method, only Bridging account would be picked from Clearing account for received checks from Cash and bank management module.



Now we are done with all the necessary setup, let us look at the steps for posting postdated checks.

Account Payable

  • Create New Payment Journal and open lines form.
  • Enter necessary details and select PDC-Vendor in Method of payment.
  • In Offset account system should automatically pick the account defined in Bridging account field.


  • Move to Postdated checks tab, notice that fields on this tab are enabled.
  • Enter Maturity date, Received date, Check number and any other information if required.


Following would be the voucher entry when we post it. Notice the posting on clearing account.


Now postdated checks are posted and resting in clearing account until maturity date reaches and user settle them. User can go to Accounts Payable > Common > Postdate Checks > Vendor Postdated checks to check the list of all postdated checks.


Look at the Maturity date column, user can click Filer button Checks to send to bank, to filter the list and to show only checks that reaches maturity date. It helps user to quickly find and process checks.

When Maturity date reaches, click Settle clearing entries, this will update the check status from Posted to Paid and posts a General journal for this clearing entry.

Account Payable

  • Create New Payment Journal and open lines form.
  • Enter necessary details and select PDC-CSTMR in Method of payment.
  • In Offset account system should automatically pick the account defined in Bridging account
  • Move to Postdated checks tab, notice that fields on this tab are enabled.
  • Enter Maturity date, Received date, Check number and any other information if required.

Now postdated checks are posted and resting in clearing account until maturity date reaches and user settle them. User can go to Accounts Receivable > Common > Postdate Checks > Customer Postdated checks to check the list of all postdated checks.

Look at the Maturity date column, user can click Filer button Checks to send to bank, to filter the list and to show only checks that reaches maturity date. It helps user to quickly find and process checks.

When Maturity date reaches, click Settle clearing entries, this will update the check status from Posted to Paid and posts a General journal for this clearing entry.

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Haleji Lake – Bird Watch

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Feb 2017 Updates

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation planned a follow up trip of Haleji Lake last month with an objective of observing the change from last year, new development if any and Bird Watch. We really appreciate the development done by The Wildlife Department of Sindh and feel very happy with the improvement in overall environment.

Please check the album for few latest pictures and I will update soon with full album.

For superb pictures from last year visit please check album on Pakistan Avicultural Foundation page by clicking this link: Haleji Visit December 2016

Useful Links:

Sindh Coastline Visit: (Captured by Khurram Asim Kalimi)

Sindh Coastline Vist: (Captured by Zohaib Ahmed)

List of Birds of Pakistan

Fauna in Pakistan


jheel3 Haleji – An Introduction

Once named Asia’s largest bird sanctuary ‘Haleji Lake’ is situated 70 Km from Karachi in Thatta district of Sindh. Total area of the lake is about 19 Km with main water reservoir of about 11 Km2. The Government of Sindh provided a legal cover to preserve ecology of the region and declared Haleji as wildlife sanctuary.

In winter, between November to February thousands of Siberian migratory birds visit this place, making it a paradise for bird lovers / bird watchers. This lake is home of divers, dabblers, surface, deep water and fresh water lover birds, around 200 bird species has been recorded in surrounding of Haleji Lake. Some crocodiles, snakes and wild cats are also available in the area.


Pakistan Avicultural Foundation planned a day out trip of Haleji Lake with an objective of watching the native and migratory birds. The visit was only possible with the great help from The Wildlife Department of Sindh, we really appreciate their efforts despite various socio political pressures and thank full for giving us the permission for the visit.


We a team of enthusiasts start our Journey at 3:45 Am to reach the site before sun rise so that we can capture early morning bird’s activities that just started fleeing and the ones swimming in the Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD). Moon3
We explored the lake, RBOD and surrounding area after having breakfast and found various species of migratory birds that were captured beautifully by the well-equipped photographers accompanied us. Bird32
Booting facility was also available our team capture mangrove and birds activity with in them while boating. ppl7
Followed by Lunch we watch captive breeding area where different species of birds as well as crocodile were present. CapDuck15
Team also got a chance to release wild birds recovered from poachers by wild life department from adjacent areas. birdfly8
A short lecture by a wild life personal was received to create awareness about captive breeding, issues they are facing, history and future plans. SindBird4

We learn that the water in/out flow in lake is almost negligible which leaves worst impact on the flora and fauna resulting decrease in the population of birds and other species.

Shortage of fund was also found that can be utilized for the maintenance and new development.

Found large number of trees with hollow trunks that were used as fireplaces.

A project of improvement and rehabilitation of Haleji lake is in progress by Sindh wildlife department with the financial support of partnership fund.




TreeBird2 Final Note

Ecosystem of Pakistan is facing a great danger and threat due to various human acts. Now is the time to take action at our part being rational civic mind to Preserve, Conserve and maintain that specific part of ecosystem, flora and fauna within the ecosystem.

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February 20, 2016 at 12:04 AM

Dynamics AX 2012 – Enterprise Search

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Dynamics AX 2012 – Enterprise Search

MS provides this functionality to search data, metadata and documents attached to records. User can search customer name or number or phone number also user can search nouns like customer or cash flow report.

To use this search one need to deploy enterprise search, it uses the enterprise search feature of SharePoint, so one need to install and configure SharePoint first. Do check the details on:

It is required to configure which data should be available for search so it is required to set the searchable property to true for those queries that should be indexed and available for search. For details:

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Dynamics AX 2012 – How to import data using office Add-in

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Dynamics AX 2012 – How to import data using office Add-in

In AX 2012 MS provide a very easy way to import data into AX through office Add-in. Following are the step by step procedure:

Take the example of chart of accounts:

1-      In MS Excel, select Dynamics AX tab.

2-      Click Add Data > Add Tables, this will open a dialog displaying AX tables. Here you must know the table names in which you would like to import the data.

3-      In our case we select MainAccount (Chart of Accounts)


4-      Click OK.

5-      This would show MainAccount table on left side of excel sheet as mentioned below and by default added al the mandatory columns on Excel, like:


6-      User can add desired filed by drag and drop in our example we are adding Reference ID (can be seen in next screenshot) which refers to Main account category.

7-      Once done by adding columns (fields), click Fields button, this will hide the Main account fields from left and enable other links. System will refresh the form on clicking Fields button so please do not add data before clicking it.

8-      Click Refresh it will start displaying the data that already exist in AX in the selected table. Can be seen in blue circle in next screenshot, this step is not required by the way.

9-      Enter data that you would like to import, in our case we enter following values: can be seen in green circle in next screenshot.

  1. Chart of accounts: COA
  2. Main account: 110110
  3. Name: Bank Account – USD
  4. Reference ID:  1 (Note: reference id 1 is Cash in my case)

10-   Save the sheet and click Publish.


11-   It will start processing and once done user can see a sheet “Dynamics AX Status” with results, it provide the log of the import if there is an error or success.

a- Success Message


b- Failure Message


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July 26, 2013 at 8:01 AM

Partition in Dynamics AX 2012 R2

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Partition in Dynamics AX 2012 R2


Not to share data among partitions, a holding company having multiple subsidiaries which don’t like to share data of one subsidiary to the other can use this option.

How to Create Partition:

To create a new partition, go to System administration > Partitions, enter Partition Key & Name, close the form.


Note: When the AX install first time it creates default partition with the name Initial and it opens in this partition.

How to change the Partition:

To change the partition and open AX in new partition it is required to edit client configuration and enter the name of newly created partition in the partition field on General tab. Save the changes and now open AX it open up new partition.


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Untethered a tethered 3GS iOS 5.1.1

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If you follow my previous blogs to upgrade to iOS 5.1.1, you must did a tethered upgrade that means when ever it is required to restart the device you have to do it with redsn0w. Now there is no need to do so, you also do not need to restore your device for this. Just follow the following steps to convert your tethered device running iOS 5.1.1 into an untethered one.

– Open Cydia on your device.
– Go to Search tab and search for “Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether” and install it.
– Now reboot your device to verify that.

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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) a brief Intro:

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ITIL is the way to control cost, improve quality and balance resource allocations for IT organizations. It is a library of best practices focused on managing IT organizations and the services they produce.

In IT world ITIL is widely adopted framework, as per research the adoption rate increases from 30% in 2006 to 80% in 2008. It was started from UK back in 80’s then spread throughout the Europe & Canada and makes it ways to US and around the world. MS, IBM, HP and many other organizations already adopted ITIL and also created tools that align with ITIL.

The latest active version of ITIL is V3, there were some improvement in it lifecycle but the version remains same. V2 was discontinued back in 2011.

For Organizations, The first step is to train the resources. It would be great to train the staff on ITIL tools and techniques OR arrange a 3 days training that training institutes normally offers with ITIL material and quizzes, at the end of the training participants would be ready for ITIL foundations certification. Once the training is done an organization should assign someone to Mange adoption and implementation of ITIL framework as per organization needs and business.

For individuals, they should contact some Cabinet Office authorized training institute and attend training to prepare for the certification OR they also can prepare with the help of material provided by Cabinet office.

White Paper:  ITIL is ITIL, Author: Sandra Whittleston
White Paper: ITIL v3: What it is and Why you should care, Author: Hank Marquis

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iPhone How To’s

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Adding this blog just to collect How To’s of iPhone in single blog:

1- How to turn iPhone to silent mode?
There is a button just above the volume adjustment button on left side of iPhone.
You just need to flip this button down for silent mode and flip it back up to turn ON the ringer.
2- How to remove install Apps?
  1- Press the icon of App that you want to remove. Keep it press till it start dancing 🙂 and x appears.
2- Press X to remove the apps, it will give a message saying something Delete –Apps– Deleting –app– will also delete all of its data. Followed by Delete and Cancel button.
3- Press Delete to OR Cancel to go back. Click Home button to stop dancing icons and to hide X sing.
3- How to Stop Apps running behind?
  1- Double click home button quickly.
2- All running apps start displaying at bottom.
3- Press icon of any apps that you want to close. Keep pressing it for sometime.
4- Icons will start dancing and a ‘-’ sign will also appear on each icon.
5- Click on’-’ sign to close the app that you would like to close.
4- How to Re-Set iPhone?
  – Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button on top.
– At the same time Press and hold Home button.
– Keep them pressed for at-least 6 or 7 seconds.
– Release the buttons once Apple logo appears.This will Re-set your iPhone and it start again in few seconds.
Note: It won’t work for Tetheard jail break sets.
5- How to Re-Start iPhone?
– Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button on top.
– A red slide appear on screen.
– Slide finger on the slider.
This will turn off the iPhone in few seconds.

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Hanging out – Dreamworld Resorts – May 2012

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               Last week we went to Dream world resorts for Mazik Pakistan’s annual picnic arranged by Club Mazik. I visited the resort before 4 or 5 times but this time the difference is newly constructed luxury rooms. Without any doubt these rooms make the difference. Dream world offer numerous facilities including water games, bowling, horse riding, carts, indoor games, restaurant to name the few.

          We left office in the evening by busses arranged by Club Mazik, few of us used personal cars. Due to traffic Jam on the way some of us reached little late because of this we missed full buffet tea and by that time only sandwiches, cake and tea left. After having tea we bring room keys from the reception and went straight to the room and had some rest. The rooms

were chilled and well decorated, the area surrounding these rooms is decorated with lush green grass, flowers and little fountain.

At around 9:00 we went for buffet dinner, the dinner was good but the dessert wasn’t :(. After dinner we had whole night to enjoy the facilities mentioned above. After some time most of the guys were in artificial sea, swimming, jumping and playing in the water.

Water games:

Some went for indoor games like table tennis, daboo, Carom, bowling etc.

A group remains busy in playing cards whole night in their room and there was a guy who takes full advantage of the room and keeps sleeping almost throughout the night, I guess everyone knows about this group and the guy :).

           After getting tired of activities most of the guys went to their rooms and get involved in chat or watching TV. We order tea for us during the gupshup, guys in other rooms order different items like drinks, French fries, sandwiches etc.

              In the mid of the night we went again for bowling, during the time when we were there in our room some of the guys also enjoyed water slides. Till this time most of the guys got tired and went to sleep some of us remain busy in chit chat. In the morning few of us left the resort while I was waiting for the buffet breakfast and had it at around 8 in the morning, once done I also left the resort. Most of the guys were sleeping at that time, they enjoyed different facilities after getting up in the morning as well, like Horse riding.

All and all it was a good step by Club Mazik for which we all wait since a long time. Good job!

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