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The Kidney Centre

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The Kidney Center, I was thinking of writing about it since a long time but I didn’t do so because I thought most of the people knew about it but after receiving two cases of needy people who were not able to bear the expenses of private hospitals and looking for someone help within just one week, it looks I was wrong and I should share some info at least as much as I can, so that people can get benefit out of it.

Kidney Center maintain a good website you can always refer it to get most of the details, here I am just mentioning my experiences. All in all it is a very good facility for both who can afford and who cannot, few years back I visited it for the first time for my brother’s Kidney issue, they treated him very well and the charges were also fine with respect to the available facilities. Few days back I visited Kidney Center again for one of my cousin’s Kidneys serious issues and this hospital proves a very good one as we came in here after trying several options.

It is a non-for profit organization, depending on the financial situation of the patient they offer cheap, subsidized or totally free services. The staff is very good and professional, environment is great just like any private hospital and they are equipped with almost (almost b/c you know the pace of advancement now a days) latest equipment.

Please visit their website for more details about them also you can check Facilities and Services they offer. Please keep this facility in mind so that you can also tell others about it specially the needy ones.

Following are the two pictures that I picked from their website.

The Kidney Center

The Kidney Center Map


Written by Adeel Rehman

January 7, 2012 at 5:56 PM

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