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How to close iPhone apps

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Yesterday I start facing a problem with my iPhone performance. Initially I didn’t understand what happens, so I try restarting and other stuff but of no use. Then I thought it may be because of multiple apps running on backend, but I am not able to get an idea how can I check that. After searching around I became to know following steps to check and close apps that are running behind.

1- Double click home button quickly.
2- All running apps start displaying at bottom.
3- Press icon of any apps that you want to close. Keep pressing it for sometime.
4- Icons will start dancing and a ‘-‘ sign will also appear on each icon.
5- Click on’-‘ sign to close the app that you would like to close.

Note: writing this post through iPhone so please ignore in case of any mistake.


Written by Adeel Rehman

May 24, 2012 at 12:09 AM

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