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Haleji Lake – Bird Watch

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Feb 2017 Updates

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation planned a follow up trip of Haleji Lake last month with an objective of observing the change from last year, new development if any and Bird Watch. We really appreciate the development done by The Wildlife Department of Sindh and feel very happy with the improvement in overall environment.

Please check the album for few latest pictures and I will update soon with full album.

For superb pictures from last year visit please check album on Pakistan Avicultural Foundation page by clicking this link: Haleji Visit December 2016

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jheel3 Haleji – An Introduction

Once named Asia’s largest bird sanctuary ‘Haleji Lake’ is situated 70 Km from Karachi in Thatta district of Sindh. Total area of the lake is about 19 Km with main water reservoir of about 11 Km2. The Government of Sindh provided a legal cover to preserve ecology of the region and declared Haleji as wildlife sanctuary.

In winter, between November to February thousands of Siberian migratory birds visit this place, making it a paradise for bird lovers / bird watchers. This lake is home of divers, dabblers, surface, deep water and fresh water lover birds, around 200 bird species has been recorded in surrounding of Haleji Lake. Some crocodiles, snakes and wild cats are also available in the area.


Pakistan Avicultural Foundation planned a day out trip of Haleji Lake with an objective of watching the native and migratory birds. The visit was only possible with the great help from The Wildlife Department of Sindh, we really appreciate their efforts despite various socio political pressures and thank full for giving us the permission for the visit.


We a team of enthusiasts start our Journey at 3:45 Am to reach the site before sun rise so that we can capture early morning bird’s activities that just started fleeing and the ones swimming in the Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD). Moon3
We explored the lake, RBOD and surrounding area after having breakfast and found various species of migratory birds that were captured beautifully by the well-equipped photographers accompanied us. Bird32
Booting facility was also available our team capture mangrove and birds activity with in them while boating. ppl7
Followed by Lunch we watch captive breeding area where different species of birds as well as crocodile were present. CapDuck15
Team also got a chance to release wild birds recovered from poachers by wild life department from adjacent areas. birdfly8
A short lecture by a wild life personal was received to create awareness about captive breeding, issues they are facing, history and future plans. SindBird4

We learn that the water in/out flow in lake is almost negligible which leaves worst impact on the flora and fauna resulting decrease in the population of birds and other species.

Shortage of fund was also found that can be utilized for the maintenance and new development.

Found large number of trees with hollow trunks that were used as fireplaces.

A project of improvement and rehabilitation of Haleji lake is in progress by Sindh wildlife department with the financial support of partnership fund.




TreeBird2 Final Note

Ecosystem of Pakistan is facing a great danger and threat due to various human acts. Now is the time to take action at our part being rational civic mind to Preserve, Conserve and maintain that specific part of ecosystem, flora and fauna within the ecosystem.


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February 20, 2016 at 12:04 AM

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    Trip to Haleji Lake

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