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iPhone How To’s

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Adding this blog just to collect How To’s of iPhone in single blog:

1- How to turn iPhone to silent mode?
There is a button just above the volume adjustment button on left side of iPhone.
You just need to flip this button down for silent mode and flip it back up to turn ON the ringer.
2- How to remove install Apps?
  1- Press the icon of App that you want to remove. Keep it press till it start dancing 🙂 and x appears.
2- Press X to remove the apps, it will give a message saying something Delete –Apps– Deleting –app– will also delete all of its data. Followed by Delete and Cancel button.
3- Press Delete to OR Cancel to go back. Click Home button to stop dancing icons and to hide X sing.
3- How to Stop Apps running behind?
  1- Double click home button quickly.
2- All running apps start displaying at bottom.
3- Press icon of any apps that you want to close. Keep pressing it for sometime.
4- Icons will start dancing and a ‘-’ sign will also appear on each icon.
5- Click on’-’ sign to close the app that you would like to close.
4- How to Re-Set iPhone?
  – Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button on top.
– At the same time Press and hold Home button.
– Keep them pressed for at-least 6 or 7 seconds.
– Release the buttons once Apple logo appears.This will Re-set your iPhone and it start again in few seconds.
Note: It won’t work for Tetheard jail break sets.
5- How to Re-Start iPhone?
– Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button on top.
– A red slide appear on screen.
– Slide finger on the slider.
This will turn off the iPhone in few seconds.

Written by Adeel Rehman

June 4, 2012 at 4:20 PM

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  1. Very informative.. :p
    There is another How to, If you don’t want to recieve call, just press Power button twice and it will Cut the call.

    Wasiq Manzoor

    June 4, 2012 at 4:26 PM

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